AircatAir Hammer kit Composite

Air Hammer kit CompositeHigh performance and low weight Sleek comfortable ergonomic design Multi-patented muffler/exhaust system gives this tool an extremely low noise and vibration level of 3.2 m/s Sheer power of 3,000 Blows per minute makes this the strongest hard hitting air hammer on the market Precision plate valve for control High quality safety-lock retainer for ease of chisel change and added safety Includes Blow Mold Kit with 5-Chisel Set & Quick Change Retainer Shank size .401 Blows per min 3,000 Stroke 2-5/8 Av Air Con 6 cfm Weight 2.05 kg Vibration Level 3.2 m/sec2 Sound Pressure 94.26 db(a) Length 226mm Air Inlet 1/4 bsp