Power ProbePP3EZ with CASE and ACC Red

PP3EZ with CASE and ACC Red

Perform a Battery check, Charging System Check, Fuse check, Voltage Check, and Component Test, all while being guided through this process. The PP3EZ offers the ability to not only identify a good power or ground source and connections but also supply battery voltage or ground. The Power Probe 3EZ was designed to provide fast electrical testing. Easy Learning ? Teaches a new user how to use the functions in the tool. Easy Diagnostics ? Guides a user through simple tests such as Battery Testing, Charging System Testing, Fuse Testing, and Voltage Checks. Simply scan the QR Code with your Smart Device, which will link to a video to guide the user to perform these tests. The easy to read LCD display ? Provides easy to see readings with a simple navigation menu to get to what you need fast. Upside Down? No Problem! With a new flip screen feature, you can see screen readings while holding the tool upside down. Safety First. The 8 amp thermal circuit breaker provides protection while powering up components, relays or circuits while still allowing inrush current for larger draw components. It?s Menu Driven. The PP3EZ has a menu driven screen that makes navigating a breeze for easier diagnosing of electrical issues. This is an essential electrical tool. The PP3EZ is an all-in-one tool with DC Voltmeter, MIN, MAX, and Peak to Peak mode, along with audio signal capability (AC Threshold). Storage temperature/humidity: -20 to 70 ?C, 70% RH max Operating temperature/humidity: -10 to 50 ?C, 70%RH max Pollution degree:2 Voltage & Polarity testing Continuity testing Activating components out of the vehicle?s electrical system Activating electrical components in the Vehicle Activating electrical components with ground Testing trailer lights and connections Checking for bad ground contacts Red/Green Indicator & Audio Tone DC 0 to +70V +1 Digit P-P 0 to +70V The frequency response for tone pass through 10Hz to 10kHz PP Display 15 Hz Square Wave 35 Hz Sine Wave Power Probe Mode ? Continuity to ground First level ? Display is enabled less than 20 K ? Second level ? Green LED is enabled less than approx. 600 ? ? & +Peak Detector Response Single event capture less than 200ms pulse width Repetitive events less than 1ms pulse width Peak to Peak Mode 0 to + 70 + 1 Digit 4Hz to over 500kHz Square Wave input 4Hz to over 250kHz Sine Wave input Threshold for PPAC/Audible passthrough OverVolt Warning!! If the probe tip connects to a voltage greater than +70 Volts the display will show an ?Over Volt? warning. Remove the probe tip immediately to prevent internal damage to the tool. Over Load Warning If the probe is connected to a battery with a voltage greater than 34 VDC the display will show an ?Over Load? warning. Circuit Breaker 8 amp thermal response ? Manual reset Typical Response 8 amps 10amps 15amps 25amps Short Circuit No Trip 20min 6 sec. 2 sec. 0.3 sec.