Electronic Specialities (ES)Tech Meter Kit with DVD

Tech Meter Kit with DVD

Over 1 Hour of video training included TMX-589 True RMS Digital Multimeter - CATIII 1000 Volt LOADpro? Dynamic Test Leads 200 page Electrical Troubleshooting Book DVD training video - Sullivan Training System Compass for Alternator and solenoid diagnostics TECH METER KIT - Techs want more information! With TMX-589 you get it! One hour of DVD training showing how to use and get the best results from your investment. You spoke, we listened! TMX-589 - Professional Grade True RMS Digital Mulitmeter - CATIII 1000V safety rating - Safe for use on Hybrids - Waterproof to IP67 Standards LOADpro - Loads the circuit to find corrosion and resistance in the wiring - fast diagnosis - OEM approved tool - patented method can?t be accomplished by Power Probe FET Book - 200 pgs of Fundamental Elecrical Troubleshooting tips and insight A must have for any technician beginning or advanced Training DVD - One hour of multimeter training and advice on many aspects of electrical troubleshooting by Dan Sullivan - leading electrical trainer Compass - Used for Alternator and solenoid diagnostics Electronic Specialties introduces a new manufacturer, the TMX-589 TECH METER KIT. TMX-589 is a True RMS auto-ranging DMM designed for all aspects of electrical troubleshooting. Most importantly, this kit addresses one of the biggest shortfalls in the test equipment industry ? INFORMATION. When technicians buy a digital multimeter, they want more information. Normally, the simple instruction manuals fall far short. So, ESI is providing a one-hour DVD with detailed video instructions covering how to use the meter, how to set it up and diagnostic tips for each major function. Also included is the 200-page book, Fundamentals of Electrical Troubleshooting. This book includes tips on every aspect of electrical troubleshooting, from diodes to shorts to battery testing. Written by well-known industry trainer Dan Sullivan, the FET book is full of useful diagnostic information. The TMX-589 TECH METER features True RMS accuracy, CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V safety approvals. With this high safety rating, TMX-589 is safe for use on hybrid vehicle high-voltage circuits. In addition, this DMM is waterproof to IP67 standards and if dropped in water, it floats -- great for marine and equipment techs who work in the elements. Beyond the DVD, book and meter, this kit includes a set of LOADpro Dynamic Test Leads, which allow voltage drop testing on the fly. The best way to test circuit wiring, is to load the circuit. LOADpro applies approximately 0.5 amps load on 12-volt circuits. If the voltage drops, the wiring has faults. If no drop, then your wiring is good, verified in just a few seconds. LOADpro finds problems and verifies wiring fast. Lastly, the TMX-589 TECH METER KIT includes a compass, which can be very handy for in verifying good alternator function and also checking solenoids and relay coils. Compass usage is also covered in the one-hour DVD video included with TMX-589. Other accessories included with TMX-5898 are: High quality CATIII test leads, K-type temperature probe, blow mould storage case and 9V battery. Unit comes with one-year warranty. Test equipment can find problems fast, if you know how to use it. With TMX-589, ESI is filling the void of information and providing the help that techs desire.