Kn-KutKn-Kut 19pc Metric Drill Bit Set 1-10mm In Metal

Kn-Kut 19pc Metric Drill Bit Set 1-10mm In Metal

The Power of KnKut Drill Bits, available in Complete Sets for every application!

Our USA Made drill bits are engineered with an exclusive combination of premium steel, superior geometry, and a nitride treatment. KnKut Drill Bits are manufactured from a high grade Molbydenum High Speed Steel (HSS), that has a high Vanadium content. Because of these product features, our drill bit reduces drilling cycles and maximizes the number of holes per drill.

Put the POWER back back into your power tools with KnKut Drill Bits!

  • No center punch or pilot hole required
  • Rounder, more accurate holes
  • 50% more holes
  • Lowest cost per hole
  • Faster penetration
  • Drills tough alloys
  • Reduces user fatigue
  • Added strength against breakage