Mechanix WearMechanix M-Pact2 Glove Medium

Mechanix M-Pact2 Glove Medium

The Safety M-Pact? 2 provides full-coverage hand protection and high-visibility for hazardous work environments. The unique accordion knuckle design and molded finger guards provide heavy-duty impact and abrasion protection without sacrificing valuable dexterity. Your palm is fully protected with anatomical palm padding and a 4mm XRD? impact pad to reduce shock and vibration. Armortex? fingertip reinforcement provides durable gripping power so you never lose control. Top it off with high-visibility reflective print, fluorescent ANSI-107 compliant material and a Neoprene cuff for one highly visible tool. Imported


  1. Flexible accordion knuckle with high-density EVA foam padding and hi-viz reflective print.

  2. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure with hook and loop provides a secure fit.

  3. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) finger guards and metacarpal protection prevent impact injuries.

  4. Reinforcement panel provides added durability.

  5. Armortex? fingertips provide durable gripping power.

  6. Anatomically designed palm padding with high density EVA foam.

  7. Extended Neoprene cuff provides added protection.

  8. High-visibility TrekDry? material helps keep hands cool and comfortable.

  9. 4mm XRD? impact palm pad reduces shock and vibration.

  10. Machine washable.