Power Probe5 Volt Adapter

5 Volt Adapter

This 5-volt Adapter will connect to any Power Probe Tek circuit-tester and limit the voltage to 5-volts. Perfect for testing sensors and computer-circuits on a vehicle. You can now power up computer modules on the vehicle to ensure that they are functioning, as well as the components connected to them.

5-volt Adapter connects between your Power Probe and the Probe-tip.
Compatible with all Power Probes with a banana jack tip: (PPBasic, PP3, PP3S, PP3EZ, PP4)

  • Current Limited 5 Volt Output
  • Safely test computer-sensor circuits
  • Provides 5-Volt Reference Voltage
  • 12-24 Volt Input
  • 5-Volt Output
  • Standard 4mm banana connector