Power ProbeDual-Zone Digital Wireless Thermometer

Dual-Zone Digital Wireless Thermometer

The Power Probe Temperature Kit is designed to give readings for ambient temperature and from the wireless Temperature Probe. The Tempkit has a built-in temperature sensor in the base unit, plus a temperature sensor in the remote wireless Probe. This allows for multiple readings simultaneously. One additional wireless Temperature Probe (TEMPPROBE) is available separately, for a second temperature reading. Main Unit: 2 Channel Wireless Receiver? 1 Number 1 Wireless Temperature Probe Instruction Manual Requires 2 AA and 2 AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED) Optional* Number 2 Wireless Probe (TEMPPROBE) sold separately Measuring Range-9?F to 158?F Operating Environment -9? to 158?F Wireless Reading Distance: 5m-16.5 Feet Wireless Transmitter Distance: 5m-16.5 Feet Accuracy ?2.0?F(?2.0?C) Resolution 0.1?Measures Temperature from 2 locations Wireless Temperature Readings Backlit LCD Display Line of Sight distance: 16.5 Feet Additional Wireless Probe Accessory Available Measures -10?F. to 132?F.