ToolTruckSmoke Leak Detector New Ceramic Heating Technology

Smoke Leak Detector New Ceramic Heating Technology

Features and Benefits:

  • New ceramiHeat ceramic heating technology with a limited lifetime warranty on ceramic heating element
  • Air source: shop air
  • 12 volt clamps that attach to the car's battery
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories in a durable hard plastic case
  • Runs on ordinary baby oil or mineral oil
  • Available "Makes Scents" pleasant scented smoke oil
  • After your automotive scanner tool determines what is wrong with the vehicle, the Smoke is the best way to locate leaks fast
  • On board microprocessor - auto 5 minute idle shut off
  • Fixed air pressure rate as not to harm the EVAP system
  • Built-in visual air pressure monitoring and control, flow meter locates leaks as small as 0.010" and visual flow control (smoke)
  • Dual mode: smoke or air
  • Locates leakes quickly and easily in 3 - 5 minutes
  • Easy to operate, ready to use in 30 secounds or less
  • Comes with: plastic accessory case, baby oil/ mineral oil, EVAP removal tool, EVAP port hose, adaptor plug assortment, cone adaptor - exhaust, LED flashlight, instruction manual and Quick start guide
  • Multi-Functional: EVAP System, vacuum leaks, exhaust system, radiator systems, EGR valves, manifolds, catalytic converters, brake boosters, oil leaks, air and water leaks and much more!
  • Compact size: only 8 pounds